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Welcome to Navanti Loans, your ultimate destination to the best guarantor loans that you can get your hands on. We are dedicated to getting you the best deals, regardless of what you have to show for yourself. Add to that great speed and absolute transparency and you have yourself a provider that actually trusts you with its money. We do not charge any application fee, nor do we make you wait for extended periods. We await your application and get back to you instantly, making you a deal that you simply cannot refuse.

Our loans are designed for individuals who struggle to get access to other loans due to either bad credit or for other reasons. Cases where you really need money can be situations where you pray for a loan that looks beyond the limited scope of your credit rating. Our guarantor loans are the answer to these prayers of yours. What we do is refuse to count you out based on your credit rating. What we do is consider your application, if you are able to find a guarantor that agrees to assure us of your ability to pay back the loan. So, if you are able to find an adequate guarantor, we are more than willing to hand you our money. This makes our loans quite similar to those offered by GBP Loans. However, we go one step ahead and add that personal touch to these loans and treat you like you matter. No hidden costs, no unfair terms, but transparent, easily acquired and serviced loans.

What is a guarantor loan?

A guarantor loan is an unsecured, easily achieved loan, whereby a second person guarantees your loan for you. This person is referred to as your guarantor, which is where this loan generates its name from. Since bad credit individuals do not have a financial history capable of assuring us of loan repayment, incorporating a person with good credit history, who acts as a guarantor, helps in getting the loan approved.

Why would I need a guarantor loan?

Having bad credit can be a significant hurdle in your way of getting different loans. It displays you as a high-risk individual, leading to an inevitable reluctance of the lenders to approve your loan. If you opt for other bad credit loans, you suffer from sky-rocketing interest rates that only serve to put you under more burden. If you miss payments, these further taint your credit ratings. In these circumstances, guarantor loans come as a revelation. Not only do these loans not consider your credit ratings, but despite being aware of the high-risk that your credit ratings display you as, the interest rates are relatively very, very low. If you compare what you pay with guarantor loans to what you pay with payday loans, you will see a great disparity, showing you exactly why you should opt for a guarantor loan. For instance, guarantor loans offered by Guarantor Loans Directhave a fixed APR of 47.9%, which when compared to other bad credit alternatives, is as good as it gets.

However, there is more to the story. Not only do these guarantor loans help you get access to a relatively cheap source of finance, but also help you build up your financial reputation. Guarantor loans serve as a platform where you can showcase that you have left your old ways behind. By being punctual on your interest payments and then the eventual loan repayment, you can improve your credit ratings and eliminate the need to rely on any bad credit loans in the future.

What is the cost?

The cost of these loans are the interest rate payments you have to pay. As mentioned above, when compared to the likes of payday loans, these payments are merely a fraction of what you or any other bad credit individual would otherwise pay. Considering the opportunity to build up your credit, this cost is fairly insignificant.

How do I apply?

The first thing you need to get a guarantor loan is to be over 18 and have a UK bank account. Next, find an adequate guarantor for your loan. If this is in order, the next thing you need to show is your ability to pay back the loan. While your guarantor will be guaranteeing your loan, you are still required to be able to show your own ability to meet your obligations towards the loan.

As for the application process, fill out our short and precise online application form. As soon as you are done with that, you can sit back and let us contact you. This is usually done without any delay. We usually take one day, or two at max, which is similar to, if not better than the speed that GuarantorLoans123 offers you. If you are unsure about anything, feel free to contact us and we will guide you through the entire process.

Who can be my guarantor?

The role of your guarantor is to guarantee the repayment of the loan. Thus, anyone who is not financially linked to you can be your guarantor. Any friend, colleague, or relative would be fine, but not your spouse.While we are indifferent as to who you choose as your guarantor, there are a few requirements that a guarantor must fulfil, in order to be accepted:

 - He or she should be over 21.

 - He or she must have a good credit history.

 - He or she must be a UK home owner.

Our bank will run a normal credit check on your guarantor to assess whether or not the requirements are met. If all goes well, all they will be required to do is to present casual documents (bank statements, proof of ID, etc.) and your loan will go through.

Why Navanti Loans?

Guarantor loans are a great way for bad credit individuals to get access to low-interest rate loans. However, regardless of how good the loan in context is, if the provider does not help you get the best deal, you might still end up paying higher than you should, while also dealing with a substandard service. This is where we come in and ensure that not only do you get the best deals around, but an impeccable service to accompany it. We get you the cheapest loans and are always available for an enquiry you might have. From answering all your questions to walking you through the entire process, we are dedicated to making your experience worthwhile. Try filling out our online application and see how fast everything works out. This is why we say we care, this is why you should choose us.